• Patent applications, see more information here
  • Trade mark filing services through our website TradeMark Tribe
  • Clearance searches to make sure that your brand can be registered as a trade mark
  • Oppositions. We can help you if someone has opposed your application
  • Oppositions. We can file an opposition if someone has filed an identical or similar mark to yours
  • Infringement. We can help you if someone has been using your brand / invention / design without your say so
  • Renewal. Patents need to be renewed every year, trade marks every 10 years and designs every 5 years. We provide affordable renewal services.
  • Watches. We can provide watching services to make sure no one else registers a brand similar to yours.

Our Experience

Inbrandgible was started in 2011 by Dale Campbell to offer a better way to protect your intellectual property. By using technology and a website where services can be offered online the process is more affordable. Dale is a European Trade Mark and Design Attorney whose previous experience has been at a big firm in London and also at a start up.

Our clients

We have clients in many different industries including beverages, beauty, charity, food and supplements, authors, telecommunications, care, finance and many more.

We are more than happy to have a no obligation confidential conversation if you would like to explore how to protect your intellectual property.

You can find our contact details here